The donkey takes its time…

Taking one's time is, in the manner of the young À dos d'âne reader, taking the time to dream, to play, to taste the words and pictures. Taking the time to become familiar with the world and culture.

Taking one's time is, for À dos d'âne publishers, taking the time to linger on the contents, to think of a light way of transmitting knowledge, to propose an image of the world in a poetic way.

À dos d’âne publishers fight for the re-enchantment of the world.

“The small team of A dos d’âne publishers has sound ideas. A sound idea has nothing to do with an awesome concept or the brilliant plan that is going to make a killing. A sound idea is an idea which makes its way slowly, one that knows where it comes from and where it is going. The ‘Seeds and Guides’ collection for example comes from this wish of humanity, which implies the exchange and transmission of dreams, experiences and learning. The collection knows what it wants: that the forthcoming world may not be without memory and that the growing child may reap the benefits — if not, what a waste! — from the paths of life which formidable passersby have opened up before him or her. A small book may sometimes be a grand guide.”


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Since their creation in 2009, À dos d’âne publishers have had the honor to be sponsored by Møtus publishers.

Les éditions A dos d'âne sont sous statut associatif (loi 1901).