Seeds and guides

89 books
48 pages
105 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
FBP: 7.50 €
To discover men and women carriers of utopian messages and to grapple with the contemporary age, this is what the Seeds and guides collection is all about.

Written for children 8 and older, this collection will also interest more mature readers, both adolescent and adult, who will appreciate the clarity of the topics.

Approaching culture light-heartedly is made possible with this collection which targets the essential with sensitivity.

We speak of it!
  • Because the history of great men and women is not reserved for adults, the “A dos d’âne” publishers had a brilliant idea : the Seeds and guides collection […] the result : short, elegant, but well-researched books. Delicious.

    Direct soir
  • […] people whom you rarely think of presenting to children […] Seeds and guides […] relates in a very simple style the story of personalities who had an innovative eye and who are part of our universal cultural heritage […] These refreshing little books take less than half an hour to read and contain information that will also interest adults.

    La Vie
  • Interesting little bios, even for grown-ups, in order to (re)discover who the director François Truffaut or the writer Lewis Carroll really were.

    Le Vif L’Express (Belgique)
  • Site Paris fait son cinéma
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