Africa, our magnificent mother
ISBN: 9782376060550
Publication: Dec. 30, 2016
80 pages
180 × 230 mm
Color drawings
FBP: 15.00 €

Africa, our magnificent mother

Marilyn Plénard
Africa is the cradle of us all. If we are here, on our good old Earth, it is thanks to this continent. It is our mother. It must also be our conscience: slavery, colonization, apartheid… are so many words and evils we must not forget.
Paying homage to the African territory itself, its landscapes, its wildlife, its people, Marilyn Plénard, in this sixth episode of “Notebooks of Wonders”, pays homage to the African women of yesterday and of today, who never cease to fight and who make of their life an adventure for the common good. Whether they be among the most illustrious such as the Nobel Peace Prize winner, the Kenyan Wangari Muta Maathai, the defender of trees; the Mozambican woman Graça Machel, in the service of children and still fighting for women’s autonomy; the South African singer Miriam Makeba, an icon of the anti-apartheid revolt. Or whether they stay in the shade, like the Rwandan women weavers, who, Hutu and Tutsi, make their baskets sitting side by side to braid peace, or again Esther Madudu, the Ugandan midwife with a thousand babies.
  • Marilyn Plénard , corrector/proof-reader, she has collaborated with the « Biotechnologies » section of the Echos’ newspaper. She is working at the moment for the monthly magazine Notre Temps. At the same time, she translates and adapts popular tales from around the world for the “Caravane des Contes” collection, published by Flies France. Thus, Albert Einstein’s universe, both rigorous and wonderful, could only enchant her…

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