Australia, an animal dream
ISBN: 9782919372461
Publication: Mar. 31, 2015
102 pages
180 × 230 mm
Color drawings
FBP: 15.00 €

Australia, an animal dream

Marilyn Plénard
In 25 texts with breathtaking photographs, Marylin Plénard shares her wonder at the grandiose landscapes and sumptuous animals of the island without compare which is Australia. She helps us rediscover the kangaroos, the koala, the cassowary, the emu… but also helps us meet more secret ones such as the numbat or the splendid fairywren. She takes us into their lairs and their nests, and, by doing so, invites us to travel to the Aborigines’ mythical Dreamtime.
  • Marilyn Plénard , corrector/proof-reader, she has collaborated with the « Biotechnologies » section of the Echos’ newspaper. She is working at the moment for the monthly magazine Notre Temps. At the same time, she translates and adapts popular tales from around the world for the “Caravane des Contes” collection, published by Flies France. Thus, Albert Einstein’s universe, both rigorous and wonderful, could only enchant her…

We speak of it!
  • (...) Marilyn Plénard lets us discover various landscapes, familiar animals like the koala and some more mysterious ones like the numbat. They are brought to life by the radiant color photographs. All her passion for this country and her knowledge of the animal kingdom is found in the texts. This strong link with the myths and legends of “The Dreamtime” makes the story of these wonders extremely charming! A favorite!

    A Fond la Science
  • A very interesting work which not only helps us discover unusual animals or the fabulous landscapes of this fascinating country that is Australia, but which also enables us to enter into the deepest part of the country's soul with the Aborigines’ mythical Dreamtime and the legends of the beginning of time. A carefully produced presentation, color to bring out the essential words, and numerous photos. An exceptional encounter with a country.

    Opalivres. 1er septembre 2015
  • Australie ? On pense kangourou et koala, mais quelle variété de marsupiaux de tailles et d'aspects divers ! Sans compter des particularités aussi étonnantes que leur mode de reproduction (...) Le désert et autres paysages grandioses - les peintures rupestres des Aborigènes - ont leur place, ainsi que des récits issus du temps du Rêve. Après "Nature, ouvre-toi ! ", ce deuxième volume des Carnets de merveilles invite au voyage. A partir de 11 ans et pour tous.

    Notes bibliographiques jeunesse. Septembre 2015
    Notes bibliographiques jeunesse
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    La Mare aux mots. Spécial Noël. Novembre 2015
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