3 women to the rescue of big apes
ISBN: 9782919372713
Publication: Oct. 31, 2016
144 pages
105 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
FBP: 22.50 €

3 women to the rescue of big apes

Zuzanna Celej, Christian Epanya, Brigitte Hache, Georges Lemoine, Marilyn Plénard, Nathalie Tordjman
Dian Fossey and the gorillas, Jane Goodall and the chimpanzees, Claudine André and the bonobos. These three women incarnate the fight to save the big apes.
  • Zuzanna Celej Born in Poland, Zuzanna Celej is a graduated of the University of Barcelona. She has illustrated many works of youth literature, for which she has received several international prizes.

  • Christian Epanya An admirer of the great poet, author, and politician of Martinique, and also author illustrator of Taxi-brousse de Papa Diop, Christian Epanya interprets here, with his pencils and brushes, the life of Aimé Césaire.

  • Brigitte Hache has published one short story, Troc, published at Jacques Flament, as well as stories for children in which animals or preserving nature play an important part. Impassioned with Dian Fossey's work, she wished to share her admiration.

  • Georges Lemoine studied at the School of Fine Arts in Rabat. He has illustrated texts for children by eminent authors of the XXth century: Marguerite Yourcenar, Michel Tournier, J.M.G. Le Clézio... His poetic and sensitive work has been rewarded with numerous prizes.    

  • Marilyn Plénard , corrector/proof-reader, she has collaborated with the « Biotechnologies » section of the Echos’ newspaper. She is working at the moment for the monthly magazine Notre Temps. At the same time, she translates and adapts popular tales from around the world for the “Caravane des Contes” collection, published by Flies France. Thus, Albert Einstein’s universe, both rigorous and wonderful, could only enchant her…

  • Nathalie Tordjman Having had a university education in the earth and life sciences, Nathalie Tordjman is a journalist, who is fascinated by nature. She is also the author of numerous documentary works for young people. After having met Claudine André, she wanted to let children discover the astonishing as much as exciting career of this woman in order to save the bonobos.

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