Jorge Amado, on the cocoa plantations
ISBN: 9782919372638
Publication: Jun. 13, 2016
48 pages
105 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
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Jorge Amado, on the cocoa plantations

Paula Anacaona, Lucia Hiratsuka
Jorge Amado is one of the greatest Brazilian writers and one of the most well known abroad. But he is also and above all a writer from Bahia, this state in the northeast of Brazil, and the background to all his novels, like an anthology of humanity. “ Writing is telling stories”, he liked to say. Here is his.
  • Paula Anacaona Paula Anacaona’s heart lies somewhere between France and Brazil… So she decided to make her job out of this dual culture : first, she became a translator, then she began her own publishing house specializing in Brazilian literature. In Brazil, she takes an interest in the big cities' favelas. She is also impassioned with the region of Nordeste and theopen spaces of the sertão.

  • Lucia Hiratsuka Lucia Hiratsuka was born in a farm, in the countryside. She made her first drawings on the red earth of Brazil, with a piece of wood. Today, she writes and illustrates books for the young in Brazil.