Pelé, the man with the golden feet
ISBN: 9782919372645
Publication: Jun. 13, 2016
48 pages
105 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
FBP: 7.50 €

Pelé, the man with the golden feet

Stéphan Lévy-Kuentz, Mauricio Negro
A poor child of Brazil, he who will become “King Pelé” attracts attention while still very young due to his exceptional talent. Over twenty years, he inflamed football stadiums and scored a record number of goals still unequalled to this day. His name has become synonymous with football and his humanity still remains today as a model for all.
  • Stéphan Lévy-Kuentz Stéphan Lévy-Kuentz played football a lot in his childhood. He is the author of about fifteen works for the young including a novel, The Night of the Headscratcher. He has also written books on painting and photography, as well as scripts for films on artists such as Marc Chagall, Yves Klein, Alexandre  Calder, Piet Mondrian, Salvador Dalí or the impressionist painters.

  • Mauricio Negro Mauricio Negro is a visual artist and writer. He likes to draw on Brazilian diversity in his work. Having won several prizes, he combines alternative resources with experimental techniques. He has spent several months in Paris and at present lives with his family in São Paulo, Brazil. He loves the sun, nature, the arts and football.

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