Annie Fratellini, the circus lady
ISBN: 9782919372577
Publication: Mar. 7, 2016
48 pages
105 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
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Annie Fratellini, the circus lady

Dominique Duthuit, Célia Portet
At only sixteen years old, Annie Fratellini signals the end of her childhood by becoming, like her whole family, a circus performer. Annie Fratellini was one of the first women to play a clown. Later on, she will create a school where the young born out of the circus will be able to learn the art. The school is one of freedom where students are taught all aspects of the show: movement, balance, agility, suppleness, rigor, courage, versatility, and the art of expression without words.
  • Dominique Duthuit is a director, writer, and journalist in the domain of arts and shows designed for children and adults. She leads numerous educational projects in academic and extracurricular circles.

  • Célia Portet Formée au graphisme, Célia Portet dessine pour la presse française et québécoise. Aujourd'hui, elle se spécialise dans l'édition jeunesse.

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