Miriam Makeba,
singing for freedom
ISBN: 9782953433937
Publication: Oct. 2, 2011
48 pages
105 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
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Miriam Makeba,
singing for freedom

Tanella Boni, Gopal Dagnogo
How Miriam Makeba, born in the ghettos of South Africa, became an ambassador for human righs through her songs.
  • Tanella Boni is a poet, a novelist, and a philosopher. She is a woman of the Earth, inhabited by the music of travel and the song of freedom. She dreams of a world united and without frontiers. 

  • Gopal Dagnogo is a painter. He nourishes his work from combinations, readings, and the diversity that he encounters during his travels between Africa, Europe, and Asia.  In the “Seeds and Guides” collection, he has illustrated the title on Sitting Bull, Miriam Makeba, Alexandra David-Néel, as well as that on Léon-Gontran Damas.

We speak of it!
  • (…) the biography of the great Miriam Makeba, « Mama Africa », from her birth in a poor area of Johannesbourg to her last united engagements, written with simplicity and warmth by Tanella Boni, a writer from the Ivory Coast who has written several works for children. A few biographical landmarks at the end of the work.

    Takam Tikou, la revue en ligne des enfants et des jeunes.
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