the dreamdrawn
ISBN: 9782919372362
Publication: Oct. 6, 2014
48 pages
105 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
FBP: 7.50 €

the dreamdrawn

Mathieu De Muizon, Bernard Pascuito
In sixty years of career, Sempé met with nothing but triumphs. His albums are all considered as works of art. So many figures having come and met up with Petit Nicolas in his enchanted world. For Sempé always drew as if he were putting his dreams onto paper.
  • Mathieu De Muizon studied Fine Arts in London. A graduate of Saint Martins University, he now works in Paris as an illustrator. In the “Seeds and Guides” collection, he has illustrated the title on Jacques Brel and that on Sempé. 

  • Bernard Pascuito discovered the drawings of Sempé in his childhood; they have accompanied him since. A writer, he has published the biographies of Romy Schneider (Albin Michel), Serge Gainsbourg, Coluche, and Annie Girardot (Flammarion).

We speak of it!
  • 3 young readers of the newspaper Mon Quotidien speak about "Sempé, the dream drawn….". Excerpts :
    Lomé, 10 years old "I really liked it"
    Claire, 11 years old " Some funny passages"
    Pablo, 10 years old " Neither too long nor too short"

    Mon Quotidien. 6 novembre 2014, p.7
  • A good approach to Sempé, a discreet artist with delicate strokes, which conveys humor, dreams, and poetry. To be noted, the fine drawings of Mathieu de Muizon, at the same time tender and humorous, in the spirit of Sempé.

    InterCDI. La revue des Centres de Documentation et d'Information
  • Office pour la Promotion et l'Animation des Livres pour la Jeunesse
  • Nantes livres jeunes. Juin 2016