3 greats of the burlesque cinema
ISBN: 9782919372164
Publication: Nov. 10, 2014
144 pages
100 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
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3 greats of the burlesque cinema

Luc Baba, Delphine Bertozzi, Zéno Bianu, Dimitra Nikolopoulou, Julia Perrin, Pauline Sciot
The three-volume series on burlesque cinema is available as a set under the title “3 greats of the burlesque cinema”. This set brings together the titles on Georges Méliès, Charlie Chaplin et Jacques Tati.
  • Luc Baba Novelist, actor, poet, and singer, Luc Baba has a passion for all the arts of language. He has written the title on Charlie Chaplin and that on Jacques Brel in the “Seeds and Guides” collection.

  • Delphine Bertozzi delights in children's company. She has written Little Poetic Fantasies and Of Knights and Dragons, published by Bodoni Ed. She likes the cinema, literature, art history, and Italy, the country of her grandfather.

  • Zéno Bianu Author of a multiform work that questions poetry and plastic arts, it is as a poet that Zéno Bianu evokes Georges Méliès’ life, as a fellow magician would.

  • Dimitra Nikolopoulou A graduate of the Beaux-Arts as an artist and a painter, Dimitra Nikolopoulou works as a designer for graphic art books and as a short-film cartoonist.

  • Julia Perrin Having recently graduated as a graphic artist, Julia Perrin’s work is nourished by images and travel. She uses here her talent to tell us visually about the life of Catherine Kousmine and that of Georges Méliès.

  • Pauline Sciot is trained as a graphic artist. She graduated from ESAG Penninghen. A lover of photography and illustration, she enjoyed relating the lives of François Truffaut, Charlie Chaplin, or Joséphine Baker with the tip of her brush, for the “Seeds and Guides” collection.

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