Erik Satie,
music for a simple heart
ISBN: 9782919372300
Publication: Mar. 2, 2014
48 pages
105 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
FBP: 7.50 €
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Erik Satie,
music for a simple heart

Delphine Bertozzi, Marcelino Truong
From the first piano music that he composed, Erik Satie gave us simple, profound tunes. The piano notes seem to arrive on tiptoe. All his musical creations are real « innovations » which touch the heart.
  • Delphine Bertozzi delights in children's company. She has written Little Poetic Fantasies and Of Knights and Dragons, published by Bodoni Ed. She likes the cinema, literature, art history, and Italy, the country of her grandfather.

  • Marcelino Truong is an illustrator and author. He tells the story of his childhood in Vietnam, in an illustrated novel entitled Such a Lovely Little War – Saigon 1961-63 (Denoël Graphique, 2012).

We speak of it!
  • Delphine Bertozzi makes our mouths water, helped by the finesse of Marcelino Truong’s illustrations, which are humoristic yet fitting in with the musician’s elegance. It’s a great success!

    Notes bibliographiques
  • This little guide to Erik Satie really belongs in the collection as, in effect, it sows seeds and you want to know more about the man and his works. Delphine Bertozzi has already written the title on Jacques Tati in this collection.

  • This little book unveils with delicacy Satie’s really strange, melancholic and extremely poetic personality.(...) The subtle drawings, rather classic but charming, suit perfectly what one feels when listening to his music and make us want to hear more of it.

    Revue des livres pour enfants n°277. BnF
  • There are now a dozen dancers, singers or musicians of diverse styles in this collection and we are delighted with the eclectic choices that have been made: Louis Armstrong, Jacques Brel, Francis Poulenc, George Gershwin, Isadora Duncan…

    Critiques libres
  • Nantes livres jeunes. Juin 2016