3 explorers of the universe
ISBN: 9782919372249
Publication: May. 14, 2016
144 pages
105 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
FBP: 22.50 €

3 explorers of the universe

Zaü, Bruno Doucey, Anastassia Elias, Vivian Lofiego, Marilyn Plénard
The set of three scientific volumes, sold together, is available under the title “3 explorers of the universe”.
This set brings together the titles on Albert Einstein, Hubert Reeves and Théodore Monod.
  • Zaü has been inventing images for 40 years. Well-known for his illustrations for the young, he has illustrated very fine albums for Bulles de Savon publishing.

  • Bruno Doucey , writer and poet, has written the title on Aimé Césaire in the “Seeds and Guides” collection, and that on Theodore Monod.

  • Anastassia Elias published her first title with the publisher Motus and the second with the publisher du Rocher. Her work has revealed her to be talented illustrator.

  • Vivian Lofiego is a poetess and artist, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She plays with words, images, and movement. In the “Seeds and Guides” collection, she has written the title on Isadora Duncan and that on Hubert Reeves.

  • Marilyn Plénard , corrector/proof-reader, she has collaborated with the « Biotechnologies » section of the Echos’ newspaper. She is working at the moment for the monthly magazine Notre Temps. At the same time, she translates and adapts popular tales from around the world for the “Caravane des Contes” collection, published by Flies France. Thus, Albert Einstein’s universe, both rigorous and wonderful, could only enchant her…

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  • Selection of the 2013 list of best books for the young.

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