Francis Poulenc,
a composer rich in colour
ISBN: 9782919372225
Publication: May. 2, 2013
48 pages
105 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
FBP: 7.50 €
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Francis Poulenc,
a composer rich in colour

Simon Basinger, Françoise Lepaulmier
At the age of two, the little Francis Poulenc happens to be offered a miniature, white-lacquered, piano which he nicknames his « Doh-Re-Mi ». Gifted with a multifaceted talent, this lover of music will become one of the great French composers of the 20th century.
  • Simon Basinger Publishing director of Cahiers Francis Poulenc, Simon Basinger created Poulenc International Week in 2011. He produces original events on and around the composer. For Poulenc year in 2013, he wished to offer to the young public a portrait of the composer that he so admires.

  • Françoise Lepaulmier is a painter. She teaches plastic arts in elementary schools.

We speak of it!
  • Poulenc, a precocious genius, an astonishing music. Collages and simple, poetic drawings by Françoise Lepaulmier.

    InterCDI n°245
  • The book is completed by a small musical glossary, a few works recommended for children to listen to and a short biography. An introduction, easy to read, which urges us to listen to Poulenc’s music.

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