Alexander Calder
or the celestial mobiles
ISBN: 9782919372133
Publication: Mar. 2, 2013
48 pages
100 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
FBP: 7.50 €

Alexander Calder
or the celestial mobiles

Dominique Maurizi
After creating the smallest circus in the world and designing wire figures in space, Alexander Calder invented mobiles : sculptures in motion, planets, wildlife and plants which dance in the air. The genial little handyman who, when a child, built his own personal poetic world will become the man in the red shirt, the creator of art in suspension.
  • Dominique Maurizi Writer and artist, Dominique Maurizi is the authoress of stories, short stories, and books of poetry, published notably by Albertine and Isolato. Dominique Maurizi also paints, draws, and takes photographs.

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  • Calder’s biography written by a poet, which gives a delicate, impulsive text, with the constant care of filling us with wonder. (…) An invitation to dream, this little book makes the choice of substituting for the expected reproductions of the works of the master, the evocations in sticking paper with an elegant lightness.

    Notes Bibliographiques
  • A charming sensitive text which subtly mixes biography and aesthetic questions (…) the fluidity of this very cleverly researched presentation (… ) discrete illustrations which favourise the intimate meeting.

    La revue des livres pour enfants n°271, Bnf
  • This little work, like all those in the series, is very well-done. It has the “plus“ of bringing out an artist whose works send us back to childhood imagination. (…) The work is abundantly illustrated with the reproductions of the figures of the artist (in black and white) and two pages give the precise biographical landmarks.
  • It is a good text which allows the discovery of what a special person Calder was, what artist he was from his American childhood up to his success ( going through the circus and the portraits in iron wire…) A complete document very well-researched (…)
  • With numerous illustrations in black and white, using varied techniques, which make young readers want to launch themselves in turn into realisations “in the manner of“, this little book relates the life of the artist (a chronology ends the work), from childhood to his artistic career. (…) it is a complete promenade through the essentials to understand this artist’s work. A good approach for the little ones, and a good revision for the older ones !

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  • Calder, a brilliant dreamer who never stops producing and inventing. The illustrations of Dominique Maurizi, in collage (personalities, objects, animals), create a little world like the circus of Calder’s beginnings.

    InterCDI n°245