Eric Rohmer,
the storyteller of the cinema
ISBN: 9782919372171
Publication: Feb. 2, 2013
48 pages
105 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
FBP: 7.50 €
Fonds d’action SACEM

Eric Rohmer,
the storyteller of the cinema

Aïdée Caillot, Gianpaolo Pagni
With his friends of the New Wave, Eric Rohmer shatters the existing cinema, « the cinema of daddy ». He chooses to make films without constraint, spontaneous, full of youth. His talent as a storyteller is able to move children.
  • Aïdée Caillot , faithful and discreet fan of Rohmer for more than thirty years, friend of the director, and actress in some of his films, is also an authoress and director herself.

  • Gianpaolo Pagni was born in Turin, Italy. He draws for the press, as well as publishes and conceives artists’ books for children and adults. Among the most recent are ABC Tam Tam published with Mémo, Mémoire Tampon published with Maison Rouge, and Double face published with Corraini Editore. The silhouette, the color, the imprint in general, and more particularly the tampon pad, are the fundamental elements of his work.

We speak of it!
  • Here is a fine documentary work for the young which succeeds in the skillful challenge of producing a short, dense, accessible book. The very sober illustration sometimes plays with the symbolic.
  • The simple text, written by a faithful « Rohmerian », retraces the career of this cinema lover who has left his mark on the French 7th art well beyond the « New Wave ». This title received the « interesting » distinction.

    La revue des livres pour enfants n°271, Bnf
  • Effective little synthesis. It is a fine dedication. It is a safe bet that the books of this collection will bring the same pleasure, the same emotion.

  • In this little collection (little by format and number of pages but ambitious by the topics covered) of mini biographies, Aïdée Caillot, being familiar with the man and his work, presents to us Eric Rohmer. (…) An introduction agreeably spaced out with original black and white illustrations by Gianpaolo Pagni, in a style that reminds of single-panel comics and plays a lot on symbols.

    Site Nantes livres jeunes.
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