Louis Armstrong,
enchanting jazz
ISBN: 9782919372188
Publication: Jan. 2, 2013
48 pages
105 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
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Louis Armstrong,
enchanting jazz

Michel Backès, Franck Médioni
Born with the twentieth century in New Orleans, Louis Armstrong is a pioneer of jazz. Thanks to him, this music which was just a limited folklore in the south of the United States has become a universal language, a world music.
  • Michel Backès began drawing at an early age; he has illustrated numerous books for the young, notably for the publisher Seuil and for L’école des loisirs. He is curious about everything and enjoys jazz very much.

  • Franck Médioni is a journalist, writer, and producer of the “Jazzistiques” program on France Musique. He is the author of several books on music and jazz.

We speak of it!
  • This mini-biography is extremely well-done, between short texts and illustrations, it allows young ones to get to know an excellent artist who revolutionised black American music. (…) Bursting with optimism and intelligence, this work will delight children and bigger ones. To write about personalities who have left their mark on the world in different domains allows opening the minds of the youngest and learning in a recreational way ; this collection is an excellent initiative. (…)

  • A concise, effective, convincing and exciting work.

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