Karen Blixen,
an European woman in Africa
ISBN: 9782953433906
Publication: May. 20, 2015
48 pages
105 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
FBP: 7.00 €

Karen Blixen,
an European woman in Africa

Véronique v. Beau, Dimitra Nikolopoulou
The adventure of Karen Blixen in Africa ("Out of Africa") or how, at the dawn of the twentieth century, a woman of exceptional destiny dreamed of running a farm in Kenya and there she got to know Africa and its people.
  • Véronique v. Beau loves the singularity of childhood. She has written the title on François Truffaut and that on Karen Blixen in the “Seeds and Guides” collection.

  • Dimitra Nikolopoulou A graduate of the Beaux-Arts as an artist and a painter, Dimitra Nikolopoulou works as a designer for graphic art books and as a short-film cartoonist.

We speak of it!
  • A fine testimony of respect for and commitment to the freedom of man and his environment. (…) information supplied is rarely developed in this kind of work which constitutes a “must” to know on the subject.

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