Jacques Brel,
a life of thousand tempos
ISBN: 9782919372119
Publication: Oct. 2, 2012
48 pages
105 × 150 mm
Black and white drawings
FBP: 7.50 €
Fonds d’action SACEM

Jacques Brel,
a life of thousand tempos

Luc Baba, Mathieu De Muizon
Jacques Brel wrote memorable songs. He sang like no other, underscored human stupidity, conquered the film industry, travelled extensively around the world and became a legend.
  • Luc Baba Novelist, actor, poet, and singer, Luc Baba has a passion for all the arts of language. He has written the title on Charlie Chaplin and that on Jacques Brel in the “Seeds and Guides” collection.

  • Mathieu De Muizon studied Fine Arts in London. A graduate of Saint Martins University, he now works in Paris as an illustrator. In the “Seeds and Guides” collection, he has illustrated the title on Jacques Brel and that on Sempé. 

We speak of it!
  • « A lot of humanity in this new title to discover the dense, eventful life of the lover of life that was Brel. (…) The text evokes his personality well and the pertinent illustrations accompany it perfectly ». This title received a BRAVO from the magazine’s staff.

    Revue des livres pour enfants n°270 BNF