An appeasement therapy
ISBN: 9782376060765
Publication: Mar. 10, 2017
144 pages
130 × 195 mm
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An appeasement therapy

Martin Melkonian
In a collection of letters covering about two decades, the reader is invited to discover a Gustave Flaubert of great humanity. Ignoring his fame as a writer, he makes himself available to listen to a « colleague » in great psychological suffering: Marie-Sophie de Chantepie, a novelist today forgotten. He advises, guides, reassures, reprimands, and helps as much as possible a correspondent he will never meet. He who has psychoanalyzed himself before the term existed, becomes an improvised therapist, again before the term was coined. His compassionate outbursts come up against a lot of resistance. But in this way – and that’s where the beauty of the Flaubertian gesture lies -, he yields new jewels to the art of correspondence and carries high friendly selflessness.
  • Martin Melkonian From 1984 up to the present day, Martin Melkonian has built up a writer’s works. The narrative, essay, diary or aphorisms are his favourite literary styles. Among more than 25 publications, we will specially remember: Le Miniaturiste, initially published by Seuil, republished by Parenthèses in 2006 ; Arménienne, published in 2012 by Maurice Nadeau. Always offering original perspectives as much on works as on artists, he has in particular been interested in Edward Hopper, Clara Haskil and Roland Barthes. He was born in Paris in 1950.

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