Tender is the word
ISBN: 9782919372553
Publication: Jan. 14, 2016
128 pages
130 × 195 mm
FBP: 12.50 €

Tender is the word

Gwenaëlle Abolivier
Here are letters of children and childhood, those of Françoise Dolto, Victor Segalen, Charlotte Brontë, Groucho Marx, Lili Brick, Elsa Triolet... Then letters that tell of the trials and crises of youth like those of Dostoevsky, Heinrich Kleist, Jackson Pollock, Sylvia Plath. After that come letters of maturity, those of Karen Blixen, Joseph Roth, Marie Curie, Hans and Sophie Scholl, so young and already so mature, and Simone Weil. Lastly come letters which speak of trust, complicity, or even fusion with the voices of Virginia Woolf, Nicolas de Staël, the astonishing Calamity Jane, and Francis Scott Fitzgerald… Yes, tender is the word.
  • Gwenaëlle Abolivier is a journalist and producer at Radio France. Her program "A portée de voix’’ (Listen to the trail blazers) deals with travel literature.