A time for a handshake
ISBN: 9782919372539
Publication: Nov. 30, 2015
144 pages
130 × 195 mm
FBP: 12.50 €

A time for a handshake

Martin Melkonian
In the three thousand letters by Stéphane Mallarmé, read, re-read and mulled over, the obvious thing seemed to Martin Melkonian to highlight, in the present anthology, the polite phrases that are mixed in them and which, for the most part liven them up.Thus a rich palette of emotions is brought out by the mediation of the hand the poet extends. Whether it be formal, friendly, affectionate, cuddly or determined, this hand is always in search of that of his correspondents. The reader will find it sowing authentic literary jewels.
  • Martin Melkonian From 1984 up to the present day, Martin Melkonian has built up a writer’s works. The narrative, essay, diary or aphorisms are his favourite literary styles. Among more than 25 publications, we will specially remember: Le Miniaturiste, initially published by Seuil, republished by Parenthèses in 2006 ; Arménienne, published in 2012 by Maurice Nadeau. Always offering original perspectives as much on works as on artists, he has in particular been interested in Edward Hopper, Clara Haskil and Roland Barthes. He was born in Paris in 1950.

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