The stamp of friendship. Letters of youth
ISBN: 9782919372379
Publication: Jan. 15, 2015
120 pages
130 × 190 mm
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The stamp of friendship. Letters of youth

Gwenaëlle Abolivier
About a hundred letters of friendship to hear the voices of François Truffaut, Emily Dickinson, Franz Kafka, Nicolas Bouvier or Germaine Tailleferre … In echo, the last letters of people deported during the Second World War and young heroes shot at Mont-Valerien, letters in which friendship expresses itself as a sublime sentiment. Fascinating reading which invites revivifying friendship with the enthusiasm of youth.
  • Gwenaëlle Abolivier is a journalist and producer at Radio France. Her program "A portée de voix’’ (Listen to the trail blazers) deals with travel literature.