Writing of love at 20
ISBN: 9782919372270
Publication: Jan. 3, 2014
110 pages
130 × 190 mm
FBP: 12.50 €
Fondation d‘entreprise - La Poste

Writing of love at 20

Gwenaëlle Abolivier
They are twenty years old, they are in love and write frankly about it in passionate letters. Poets, artists, musicians, famous or unknown correspondents, all declare their passion with the enthusiasm of their youth. Among these lovers, some went to the front as soldiers. In the middle of the turmoil, reading and writing letters became vital for them. In this year of the centenary commemoration of the First World War, this anthology would like to pay homage to them. Their voices are mixed with those of young men and women who express the enthusiasm, pain or strength of loving.
  • Gwenaëlle Abolivier is a journalist and producer at Radio France. Her program "A portée de voix’’ (Listen to the trail blazers) deals with travel literature.

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