Journey to Auschwitz
ISBN: 9782919372515
Publication: Nov. 10, 2015
80 pages
115 × 170 mm
Color drawings
FBP: 10.00 €

Journey to Auschwitz

Nikolaï Angelov, Mathieu De Muizon
In 2014, on the initiative of the European Union, Nikolaï Angelov travels with one thousand Romanies to Auschwitz on the occasion of the seventy years’ anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps. He delivers to us here the account of this deeply moving experience. Faced with the Holocaust, the extermination of the Jews, the Romanies and all those whom the Nazis persecuted, Nicolaï finds beyond the horror, the pride to be a man and a Romani. He wonders about the condition of Romanies today in Europe. An information file throws light on this aspect of contemporary history, which remains an open wound in the heart of Europe.
  • Nikolaï Angelov Without diplomas or luggage, Nikolaï Angelov, fleeing Bulgaria, misery and discrimination against the Romanies, arrives in Paris at 19 years of age. His willpower to pull through, and some fortunate encounters allow him to fit in and carry out his civic service, during which he helps the Romani people of the shanty-towns. Thanks to this experience crowned with success, he now works at the Paris city hall.

  • Mathieu De Muizon studied Fine Arts in London. A graduate of Saint Martins University, he now works in Paris as an illustrator. In the “Seeds and Guides” collection, he has illustrated the title on Jacques Brel and that on Sempé. 

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